Halls Little Red Scooter aka Scooter is brilliant red tri with amber eyes and is a small mini at 14" tall. She prefers to be a couched potato and LOVES children. Puts the pretty and smarts on her puppies. Her mother was our foundation, she was the last puppy and as you can see she is a princess.

"HAZEL" came to us from Kris Finch, Ausland Kennels in Oak Harbor, WA.  A beautiful black tri with lots chrome and copper. She is 16".  Her pedigree is amazing with many CH. lines. Hope for her to become my agility buddy. 

Storeys Spencer Hall aka Spencer is our sire. A beautiful Blue Merle with a partial blue eye. He has a Super disposition and is a small mini at 15" tall. He also came from an aquaintence of Toy Box Aussies....THANK YOU Carroll Richards for the opportunity for this lovely dog.

Diamond K5 A Cowboys Fury aka Wiggles is a stunning black tri. A small standard aussie at 17".  She came to us from Diamond K5 in Yreka, CA. She is loyal, hard working and loves her family. She is SUPER intelligent. 


Tailleurs Rocky Road aka "Rocky" belongs to Don and Monica Tailleur. We use their dog for outside lines. His temperament is amazing and goes everywhere with them. 


We welcome "Patch" from Ausland Kennels, Thank you Kris Finch. He will be a small mini sire.